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GAUL Documentation: Platforms

Supported platforms:

Nearly all of the GAUL development is undertaken on x86-based computers running Fedora Linux. These computers are therefore guaranteed to be supported. In addition, most popular UNIX-like operating systems running on common hardware are likely to be supported. Requests for alternative ports are likely to be taken very seriously, although they are subject to the relevant system being available. If your computer system is POSIX compliant and you have a modern C/C++ compiler, then GAUL will almost certianly work without problems.

MS Windows is supported either by using the Cygwin environment, or via compilation with the Dev-C++ IDE. Native support for Windows and MSVC is an ongoing develpment aim.

Table of Supported Platforms:

The current version of GAUL is known to compile and run on all platforms in the following table. Older versions of GAUL and the platforms on which they were successfully used are listed here.

If you have attempted to compile GAUL on any alternative platform, I would be extremely happy to hear whether you were successful or not.

OS OS Version Compiler Processor
Linux RedHat 7.2 gcc 2.96 x86
Linux RedHat 7.3 gcc 3.2 x86
Linux RedHat 8.0 gcc 3.2 x86
Linux RedHat 9 gcc 3.2.2 x86
Linux Fedora FC1 gcc 3.2 x86
Linux Fedora FC2 gcc 3.3.3 x86
Linux Fedora FC2 gcc 3.4.0 x86
Linux Source Mage pre-1.0 gcc 3.2 x86 Version 0.1846-0
Linux Gentoo Linux 2004.0 gcc 3.2 x86 Version 0.1846-0
Linux RedHat 9 Intel C/C++ version 7.1 x86
Linux Debian 2.2 gcc 3.2 x86
FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE gcc x86
Linux SUSE 8.1 gcc 3.2.2 AMD64 (x86-64, Opteron)
Solaris 8.0 gcc Sparc Use gmake
IRIX 6.5.6 gcc MIPS R10K
QNX Neutrino 6.2.0 gcc x86

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