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GAUL Documentation: Contents

This page catalogues the GAUL documentation. If you have any particular questions not addressed here, please don't hesitate to email me or the GAUL mailing list. Below is the list of documents prepared so far. As you can see, many are presently incomplete... please contact me if you need to know more about any particular aspect of GAUL.

General Information:

Further Information:


  1. A minimal GAUL program.
  2. Darwinian, Baldwinian and Lamarckian evolution.
  3. Custom termination criteria.
  4. Elitism.
  5. GA operators.
  6. Selection operators.
  7. Multiple populations with migration.
  8. Bitstring chromosomes.
  9. Built-in chromosome types.
  10. Custom chromosome types. (INCOMPLETE)
  11. Chromosome comparison and crowding. (INCOMPLETE)
  12. Using multiple processors with OpenMP, MPI, threads and forks. (LAST UPDATED: 21 March 2005)
  13. S-Lang scripting.
  14. Hill climbing.
  15. Simulated annealling.
  16. Differential evolution. (LAST UPDATED: 14 April 2005)
  17. Tabu-search.
  18. Simplex search.
  19. Evolving a neural network.
  20. Storing populations and entities in files.

Reference Information:

Web gaul.sourceforge.net

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