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GAUL Documentation: Selection Operators

The selection operator to be used in GAUL is defined through a callback mechanism. Several common types of selection have been implemented, and it is easy to add your own.

In GAUL there are two classes of selection operator - those which select only one individual (i.e. for mutation and migration), and those which select two individuals (i.e. for crossover). The advantage of having a specialist operator for selecting two individuals is that it may optionally include incest control - that is prevent pairs of closely related individuals from being selected.

The built-in selection operators are defined in src/ga_select.c:

Random Selection boolean ga_select_one_random(population *pop, entity **mother)
boolean ga_select_two_random(population *pop, entity **mother, entity **father)
Complete Selection boolean ga_select_one_every(population *pop, entity **mother)
boolean ga_select_two_every(population *pop, entity **mother, entity **father)
"Random/ranked" Selection boolean ga_select_one_randomrank(population *pop, entity **mother)
boolean ga_select_two_randomrank(population *pop, entity **mother, entity **father)
Two-way Tournament Selection boolean ga_select_one_bestof2(population *pop, entity **mother)
boolean ga_select_two_bestof2(population *pop, entity **mother, entity **father)
Stochastic Universal Sampling Selection boolean ga_select_one_sus(population *pop, entity **mother)
boolean ga_select_two_sus(population *pop, entity **mother, entity **father)
Roulette-wheel Selection boolean ga_select_one_roulette(population *pop, entity **mother)
boolean ga_select_two_roulette(population *pop, entity **mother, entity **father)
Rebased Roulette-wheel Selection boolean ga_select_one_roulette_rebased(population *pop, entity **mother)
boolean ga_select_two_roulette_rebased(population *pop, entity **mother, entity **father)

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