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GAUL Documentation: Multiple populations and migration

Multiple Populations

GAUL is able to handle multiple populations, as shown in struggle2.c from an earlier section of this tutorial. Multiple populations may be evolved simultaneously by using the "ga_evolution_archipelago()" function. This function acts in the same way as the "ga_evolution()" which you have already seen. However, in addition to the usual crossover and mutation operations a migration operation is performed. This allows a small proportion of the entities to migrate between the different populations. The prototype for this function is:

boolean ga_evolution_archipelago( const int              num_pops,
                                  population             **pops,
                                  const int              max_generations );

This variant of the GA is often described as the "island model genetic algorithm" in the scientific literature. The mechanism for using this routine is so simple in GAUL that I will not describe it here, instead look at struggle5.c


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