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GAUL Documentation: Installation

Instructions for installation from source code

These are the instructions for compilation and installation on Linux, UNIX or UNIX-like operating systems only. Instructions for other systems are available separately.

GAUL is fully 64-bit safe, so compilation on Alpha, AMD64, IA64, etc. poses no special problems.

The only non-trivial prerequisite for a fully functional installation of GAUL is S-Lang. This may be obtained from http://www.s-lang.org/

Also helpful, are the GNU maketools. You probably have these already if you use your computer for anything significant.

In its simplest form, compilation is achieved by typing:

./configure && make

Or, if you don't have S-Lang installed - type:

./configure --enable-slang=no && make

Note that if you are using a non-GNU system (e.g. Sun's Solaris, SGI's IRIX), you should instead use:

./configure && gmake

If you have libraries or header files installed in unusual places, for example in your home directories, you must tell the GAUL installation system where to look. The most simple way to do this is to define the "CFLAGS" environment variable to point at these prior to running the configuration script. For example if you have the S-Lang libraries and headers installed in /sillyplace/slang/lib and /sillyplace/slang/include, respectively, then tcsh users should type setenv CFLAGS "-L/sillyplace/slang/lib -I/sillyplace/slang/include" and bash users should type export CFLAGS="-L/sillyplace/slang/lib -I/sillyplace/slang/include".

Some systems have known problems with dependency tracking, which are exhibited if you try to compile code directly from the CVS archive. This may be avoided by using:

./configure --disable-cvs-deps && make

If that doesn't work because you don't have the GNU maketools (or because I made assumptions that are not valid for your native compiler) then we have a problem to sort out. Email me if:

  • You have tried the GNU tools, which you know normally work on your system, but GAUL still doesn't compile (preferably with patches to fix it ;))
  • You would like precompiled binaries. Note: I can guarantee to provide Linux binaries only. I may possibly be able to acquire other binaries, but don't hold your breath. (Send the output from 'uname -a' so I can generate binaries with the correct format -- Or even better, provide the file "config.log" which is produced by running "configure").

Here is a table of platforms that are known to work, with some associated information.

Two additional configuration options that you may find useful are:

./configure --enable-efence=yes # Link with the electric fence malloc debugger.
./configure --enable-mpi=yes    # Link with the MPI message passing libraries for parallel code.

(Obviously you need to install the relevant software for those options to work!)

Finally, to install the compiled libraries and executables, type:

make install

Note that the demonstration programs are not installed. These should be used in concert with their source code.

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